Monday, October 13, 2014

Home now...

And if you'd like to read about our trip and see photos, check out my travel blog.  Incidentally, that restaurant where I was asked about the status of my womb gets interesting reviews on TripAdvisor.

We just picked up the dogs and I just took a shower.  I guess tomorrow, I'll do my usual housewife chores.  Got lots of laundry to do.  Ordinarily, I'd do it right after I got home, but we were only gone for two nights and it takes forever to do laundry in Germany.

I did fall in love with French honey, which for some reason, doesn't taste like American honey.  I'm sure there are excellent reasons for that.

I have to pick up the dogs when we go to the States next month.  I'm afraid I'll get lost trying to find my way there from where we are now.  I can get there from our old house, though, and if it comes down to it, I might have to go that way.

I used to drive all the time but don't anymore.  I've gotten out of the habit.  Maybe it's time I started getting comfortable with my car again.


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