Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bill's interesting comparison of dealing with ISIS and treating heartworms...

Last night over dinner, Bill was talking about a conversation he had with someone about how ISIS needs to be dealt with.  He thinks dealing with ISIS should be akin to ridding a dog of heartworms.

Bill and I have actual experience with heartworm treatment.  In 2003, we adopted a purebred beagle named Flea.  Flea was heartworm positive when he was rescued.  The lady who picked him up had him treated, but due to money issues and perhaps time issues (she also had other pets, jobs, and a small child), she never took Flea back for the second, much milder part of the treatment.  Consequently, Flea's heartworms were never cured.

We adopted Flea thinking that he had been completely treated and was clean.  However, because I was nervous about the heartworms, we had him tested again.  The test came back positive.  We were pretty poor at the time and we lived in northern Virginia, where everything is more expensive.  The vet thought that maybe the test was a false positive, since Flea had recently had the first half of the treatment.

A few months later, we were going to have Flea's teeth cleaned.  A sharp eyed vet tech looked through Flea's records and noticed the positive heartworm test.  She called the hospital that supposedly treated him and discovered that while Flea had undergone the rough first part of the treatment, he was never brought back for the second part... the part where the baby worms are killed off.  And so the infestation was never fully cleared and by the time he got treated again, he was really infested with heartworms.  Fortunately, we got him treated and he was completely healthy after about six weeks.  Then we got him a sidekick, our beloved MacGregor.  Flea and MacGregor are now at the Rainbow Bridge.



So Bill thinks the way we deal with members of ISIS should be the same.  They need to be obliterated, including the young ones.  I was a little surprised by this revelation from him, since Bill is usually a fairly gentle guy, despite his military service.  I'm not so sure how easy it's going to be to obliterate ISIS anyway.  I just read on CNN about Jordan Mattson, a former soldier who decided to go to Syria to fight ISIS.  

And I have also read about three two Colorado teens who tried to join ISIS.  And the girls from Vienna who went to join the cause, too...

With all these civilians jumping into the fray on either side of the fight, things are bound to get very complicated.  A lot of people are going to die... and a lot of them will die in a gruesome way.

I'm really glad Bill is not in the Army anymore, though as a retiree, he is subject to recall for the next 20 years.  The chances of him being recalled are slim, but there's always a chance.  Of course, the company he works for is sending him to Africa, though not to places where Ebola is prevalent.  That's yet another scourge that needs obliterating.  

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