Friday, October 24, 2014

Arran and his tummy troubles...

Yesterday, as I was washing the linens in our bedroom, our dog Arran threw up his breakfast all over my nice feather duvet.  I was annoyed as I cleaned it up because Arran had also had an accident in the basement.  Though he was supposedly potty trained when we got him and is generally good about peeing outside, he still has trouble pooping on the leash.

In Texas, this wasn't as much of a problem because he could go outside in the fenced yard and relieve himself at his leisure.  Here in Germany, he can't do that.  Also, previous tenants in this house have had pets who have soiled in the house, which gives Arran the idea that it's appropriate to go inside.  Fortunately, he's mostly confining his soiling to the basement, which has no carpeting.

Anyway, having cleaned up Arran's mess, I went on about my day.  However, as the afternoon progressed, it became pretty clear that Arran wasn't feeling very well.  He kept to himself for much of the day and looked uncomfortable.  When I gave him his dinner, he threw it up on my clean duvet cover, which I ended up washing again.

By dinner time, I was truly worried.  Arran really looked like he was uncomfortable.  He was shivering and didn't even want a bite of our dinner.  I found myself looking at Web sites about dogs vomiting and tried to figure out if Arran had puked or merely regurgitated.  It was hard to tell.  I read horror stories about dogs vomiting that turned out to be really sick puppies in the literal sense of the expression.

Arran finally came to bed at about 10:30pm and slept soundly all night.  This morning, he ate about half of his breakfast (Bill didn't give him his whole ration).  He took a nasty dump, then seemed completely normal again.  I fed him the rest of his breakfast one morsel at a time and he's back to his old self.  He definitely wanted the food and it hasn't reappeared at this point.  That's a relief.

I always worry so much about my dogs because they can't tell me when they feel sick or are in pain.  And I've lost three of them to devastating illnesses before they really got old.  I'm hoping this episode of sickness is past us now.

I'm sure I'll post about something less mundane later.  I just love my dogs.

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