Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apparently RevCam is a pervert...

This just in.  Stephen Collins, who famously played Revered Eric Camden on the WB/CW television show, 7th Heaven, apparently exposed himself to several young girls years ago.  A friend of mine, who was involved in that discussion we had about pedophiles, posted this article on my Facebook wall.  Evidently the former RevCam was in a counseling session with his estranged wife, Faye Grant, and he admitted that he had taken liberties with a girl as young as eleven years old.

It's interesting that this would come up, since for the past few weeks, I've been torturing myself with old episodes of 7th Heaven on Amazon Prime.  I always did think Collins was a bit of a creep.  I never liked him much, though I do like to snark on him.  I read his novels and, having read them,  have to say the fact that he's not at all like Reverend Camden in real life doesn't surprise me.  His novels show a side of him that is rather randy, though they don't involve any kind of perversion with young girls.

It's a damn shame.  A lot of people like 7th Heaven and I'm sure a lot of people looked up to Collins as a dad figure.  I never cared for his brand of sanctimonious bullshit, but I would have liked to have thought he was a decent person in real life.  Collins has gone beyond pedophilia.  He has, according to this tape, actually admitted to molesting several girls.

It's hard to wrap my head around this.  I was shocked to hear about it.  And if it turns out this is all true and prosecutors can prove it, it's likely that RevCam will go to prison.  I always did think Collins' character was a bit of a dick... I just had no idea how big of a dick he really is in real life.  And to think just a couple of weeks ago, he was Tweeting photos of himself with his former 7th Heaven castmates.    

It's interesting that this news is just coming out now, as Collins appeared to be having a nice time with his fellow actors.  The tape was made in 2012, which means that Grant knew about it for at least two years.  They have had a very nasty divorce and she alleged that he wasn't willing to give her her share of their estate.  So it seems to me that this bit of news is probably retaliation.  At the same time, if Collins is as guilty as he appears to be, he needs to be dealt with in a court of law.

I bet 7th Heaven is going to be stricken from the line up on all the religious channels...  ETA: Collins was fired from his most recent project, Ted 2, and resigned from the national board of the SAG-AFTRA actor's union.

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