Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another beheading... the world is going to hell in a handbasket

I had a feeling we'd soon get news that another American or British hostage would be murdered by ISIS.  Yesterday, that anticipated news came when Briton Alan Henning was killed by Jihadi John.

A few days ago, when Jihadi John was named by the press, I commented on Facebook that someone needed to drop some shit on him.  My Italian friend, vicfar (a nickname), pounced on that with the claim that bombing was all Americans know how to do.  I said, "Who said anything about bombs?"

Then I posted this video...

I think this is the least of what's coming to these barbaric savages.  

Forgive me if it seems wrong to post a video of dogs shitting in response to such a serious subject.  I mostly did it to get vicfar's goat, because he's always busting on Americans and complaining about the military.  In all honesty, I am at a point now at which I do sort of think we should just blow these people straight to hell and let God sort it out.  But then it occurs to me that that kind of thinking makes me no better than the terrorists, especially since there are innocent people there who would be affected by mass bombings.  On the other hand, I'm not sure diplomacy is working, either.

I haven't posted much about the beheadings because, frankly, the idea of someone being killed on camera in such a gruesome and painful way just breaks my heart.  I certainly don't watch the videos they release. You can't unsee something like that once you've seen it and I think it's disrespectful to witness it anyway.  But even not watching the videos, every time I hear about someone being killed for ISIS's cause, I can't help but think of what the process of beheading must be like.  The whole subject sickens me.

I have been thinking about these men who have died after going to the area to report or provide aid... I hope other people will avoid the wrath of ISIS and the filthy scumbags who have so little regard for other people and spread so much hatred.  ISIS is making it hard for people to tolerate Muslims and what they are doing is going to breed more mistrust.  May peace be with those who are left behind to mourn their lost loved ones.  I'm not much for prayers, but I could offer some to them right now.

Moving on, I see Ebola has now made landfall here in the United States...  The fact that the Americans who had it were successfully treated in Atlanta means that people who have Ebola will want to come here for treatment.  Can you blame them?  At the same time, it's scary as hell.  Makes me glad we no longer live in Texas.  ;)  Of course, it's my understanding that to contract Ebola, one must spend time with someone who has it and be exposed to their body fluids.  Another American in Liberia apparently has it now, too.

This kind of news makes me glad I don't have kids.  What a world we live in today...




  1. it's quite grim out there, isn't it?

    I, too am sickened by beheadings and am afraid of the ebola virus.


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