Monday, September 15, 2014

Zane and his "boot"...

Bill and I walked Zane and Arran the other day and evidently, Zane ended up stepping on something that cut his paw pad.  I later found him chewing on it and a large piece of skin missing from the main part of his right hind foot.  That happens to be the same leg where he still has a lump after his rabies shot.

We worried that the cut might get infected, so we looked to see where we could take him to get looked at.  Here in Germany, the local vets take turns with weekend office hours and it turned out our old vet in Herrenberg, Dr. Rupp, was working on Saturday.  Bill called and she said we could bring him in at 6:00pm.

Bill used to take our old dog, Flea, to Dr. Rupp.  Flea was like a smaller version of Zane with a Napolean complex.  In all seriousness, they look like and kind of act like brothers.  Sometimes I'd swear Flea took up residence in Zane and visits us.  We lost Flea to prostate cancer in November 2009, but they still had him in their records and when Bill brought Zane in, the receptionist wondered if it was Flea.

I'm not sure Dr. Rupp remembered Bill or Flea, but she took a look at Zane's paw and wrapped it up in a "boot".  Bill will take him back for a recheck this afternoon.  She also looked at the lump on Zane's leg where the rabies shot went.  She wasn't too concerned about it, though she did think it was weird that they gave him the shot in his leg.  I read somewhere that American vets were doing that because of the risk of needle sarcoma (which is more common in cats than dogs).  It's a cancer that develops near where rabies injections are given.  Supposedly, the rationale is that if a cancer develops in a leg, it can be amputated.  If it develops between the shoulders where the rabies shot is often given, the pet is more likely to be a goner.

She thinks the lump could be a fatty tumor, but I think it's odd that it would spring up right after a rabies shot, especially since rabies shots are notorious for causing lumps.  But we were told to watch it and bring him back if he goes lame or it grows.  I'm hoping it'll just go away.  It's pretty soft and round, though, and kind of does look like a lipoma.  Our dog MacGregor had a few of those, but he was kind of a roly poly dog.  Zane is a lot leaner.

My tooth is not annoying today.  Hoping it can hang in there a little longer.

I also found out there's a castle that is a restaurant, hotel, and riding stable near here.  I'm tempted to check it out.  It's been a long time since I was last in the saddle, though...

Me and Rusty circa 1988...

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