Thursday, September 18, 2014

This carpet looks like shit...

Ah... this rug comes from the "House of Excrement"...

No, really, it does.  I bought it at Robinson Barracks, where the AAFES furniture store is.  It was one of a couple of rugs that wasn't totally offensive to my sensibilities.  I brought it home in an effort to dampen some of the noise that comes from uncarpeted floors and concrete walls.  And Arran, bless his heart, seems to have adopted it as a place to poop instead of telling me he needs a potty break.  Due to its color and the brown and red designs on it, his poop often blends into the rug.

Bill has accidentally stepped in dog crap in the wee hours of the morning, which he then tracked into the bedroom, which does have carpet.  Since that fiasco, he's been more careful about where he walks.  I've taken to scanning the rug in search of turds and more often than not, I've actually found them.  

Adding to the problem is the fact that Arran's poop doesn't have an especially offensive odor.  I have a more sensitive sniffer than Bill does, so I pick up on the aroma sometimes.  But even then, sometimes the crap blends in so well with the rug's pattern that I don't get it all up.  That happened this morning.  I never thought I'd own a rug that would actually hide bowel movements.  

Arran was excited about the new German dog food Bill bought yesterday.  I don't know what's in that stuff, but it must be akin to canine crack.  Instead of going outside for his constitutional, he laid a dump on the rug.  I got up and could smell the faint scent of dog crap, so I scanned the rug.  I found a few pieces and cleaned them up... and completely missed one stray turd that was positioned in the middle of a flower. 

I guess I should be glad Arran poops on my cheap, ugly rug instead of on the landlord's carpet.  I just wish we could straighten out his issues.

My rug doesn't pull the whole room together....

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