Thursday, September 11, 2014

Starting the day off on a shitty foot...

I woke up this morning in need of my usual constitutional.  One of my molars is giving me a slight twinge, which tells me it may be time to go back to the dentist.  I started to brush my teeth and went too far back in my mouth, then took a couple of Advil.  Then, because my gag reflex was activated, I started to hurl.  After a few minutes of heaving,  I figured I was done and got back in bed.  The sun wasn't quite up yet.

Bill came into the room and asked if I'd been throwing up.  I guess he could hear it downstairs.  I said I had.   Then he said he got an email from our old property manager.  As soon as he started telling me about this, I said "You're not going to piss me off, are you?"

He said he wasn't, but explained that there must be quite a fear culture at D'Ann Harper.  The property manager wrote that she hadn't wanted to charge us but had to cover her ass for a broken window.  But the window was broken before we moved in.  Apparently, there was some confusion over our terminology of the room.

There was a cracked window noted in a room we used as a bedroom.  That's what we labeled it as on the paperwork.  The inspector had called it a "family room", because it's very large and, I guess, that was what it was originally intended to be, even though it's upstairs.  So Bill wrote back, explaining that we used that room as a guest bedroom and that was how we had notated it when we did our move in inspection.  He will also send a copy of our move in report and accompanying photos, which notated all the issues for which they charged us.  We are not responsible for anything they charged us for-- the cracked window, the Christmas lights in the back, or the holes from the moved towel rack.  Furthermore, they didn't see the house before we moved in.  I promise, it was left better than we found it.

So then as Bill was about to leave, he started cussing.  Evidently, one of the dogs had left a pile on the carpet we just bought.  It's a dark carpet, so the poo blended in and Bill didn't see it before he stepped in it and tracked it all over the place.  So I got up and started helping him clean that up.

Now I'm fully awake, so I just got started on the massive pile of laundry that has built up.  It's probably going to take all day to get it all washed because the washing machines in Europe have longer cycles than they do in the US.  Also, the dryer takes longer.  We do have a clothesline now, but no clothespins yet.  I may also try out our new vacuum as I continue to try to put the house together.  I have a bunch of art I want to hang, but the walls are so hard that I fear messing them up with nails.  I didn't hang a lot of pictures last time I was in Germany for the same reason.  I think I may need to go shopping this weekend and, once and for all, pick up some items we need... preferably in a place that takes credit cards of the American persuasion.

We need some drawers or a schrank or something so I can put away our linens.  German houses typically don't include closets, though our last one did have them.  Our former landlord was very American friendly.  He worked for IBM and had spent a lot of time in the US.  He also built his house himself.  I loved his house, even though it had four levels and was way too big for us.  It had a huge kitchen with a masonry heater, heated floors, toilets that would run on rainwater, and a small wine cellar.  It also had an amazing view of Wurmlinger Chapel.  The house we're in now is not bad and I like that it backs up to a field.  It also has a really nice little yard that has been kept up, unlike the yard at our other house.  It would be hard for this house to compare to the last one... though it is cheaper (especially given that we left our last house five years ago), and it does back up to a beautiful forest.

This was the view from our last house...

This is what we have now...  still not bad... and it beats the ever loving hell out of the view at our Texas house.

This was one of the more inspiring angles from our Texas backyard.

We did finally get the three boxes we mailed in July.  They were pretty battered, but they had all the stuff we packed, including some spices, bedding, towels, dog beds and meds, inflatable air beds (which, thank God, we won't have to use) and a few odds and ends of clothes.  The last thing we're waiting for is our cars to be delivered.  That should happen sometime within the next week.    

We still need to prepare for our trip to the States in November.  I'm kind of dreading it, mainly because the flight will take forever and we probably won't be there long enough to get over jet lag.  I'd really rather be going somewhere in Europe for Thanksgiving, but if I miss my dad's memorial, I will never hear the end of it.  Besides, my extended family can be fun and I haven't seen most of them in awhile.  

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