Monday, September 29, 2014

New windows...

Bright and early this morning, two guys who work for a window company showed up to replace the upstairs windows in our house.  They will be here tomorrow, too, doing the downstairs.  Our landlords came by to talk to them and ask me to make them some coffee at lunch time.  I am hoping the new windows will make the house a little more sound proof so I won't worry so much when the dogs go nuts or I practice my music.

The Kong trick is working very well now.  It used to be when Zane and Arran noticed Bill and me getting ready to go somewhere, they'd start getting upset.  Now when they see me or Bill putting peanut butter in a Kong, they get excited.  It's almost like a consolation prize for them and they're starting to be happy when we go out.  They get rewarded for letting us go in peace.  I suspect they don't stay noisy when we go out; it's only at the beginning when they see we're leaving them alone for awhile.  They are always quiet when we get back.

By contrast, our old dogs Flea and MacGregor would make noise when we were gone.  MacGregor was particularly naughty sometimes.  He would actually howl mournfully for us.  We caught him in the act more than once.  The only time he ever howled was when he was alone, but he would definitely howl to beat the band!

Now that our cars are here, we've been able to enjoy Germany a bit more.  That's making it easier to like being here.  Not that it's hard to like being in Germany.  It's mind-blowingly beautiful in this country and now that fall is here, there's a chill in the air that makes everything seem so crisp and clean.  I really do prefer it to the heat of Texas.

It appears that today is going to be a noisy day, so I may not be able to hear myself think enough to write a rant.  On the other hand, since the room I used as my office is now getting new windows, I may need to find something constructive to do.  I can't very well watch cheesy 7th Heaven episodes on Amazon with that racket.


  1. we've never had any complaints about The Pope, but it may just be that we have nice neighbors. He always either sees us coming from the window or hears the garage door opener, and he makes a little noise because he's excited to see us.

    my parents are in the southern hemisohere right now, but they say as soon as one of them comes to visit, they'll bring The Pope. I miss him a whole lot.

    I'm going to adopt a cat eventually, but I want a stray that is not feral, and I haven't seen any in the apartment complex. It's just as well, because the cat will need to be taken to the vet for a checkup, for shots, and for spaying or neautering, and I really can't do that right now. i'm hoping my parents will do that for me when they're here. I have a cat carrier in my car so that if I do come across one at work, I can take him or her home.
    We do have a few study hours coming up. I study all the time when I'm not in class or sleeping, so I can afford to miss out on part of a study session or two if it is necessary.

    1. Hounds are notoriously LOUD. And they aren't that common in Germany. Cats are quieter, but we can't have them because Bill is allergic.


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