Saturday, September 13, 2014

My teeth again...

It's time to find a new dentist.  Bill is in the process of signing us up for dental insurance, which I think is generally a waste of money, but since I may need to get another crown, it's probably smart to get it anyway.  We'll be going back to United Concordia, which we had for most of our Army time.  I liked it better than MetLife, though it wasn't any more generous.  I just thought the service was better and more efficient.  Of course, this will be a civilian policy, so who knows?

I was surprised to hear that there are German dentists who accept American dental insurance of any kind.  I guess it's worth their while to do so, though.  It may turn out that we have to file for reimbursement rather than get the direct payment.

Anyway, I've had a toothache for the past couple of days.  It's not really painful and doesn't hurt when I bite down.  Basically, it's a vague ache that is getting on my nerves.  I'm due for a cleaning next month anyway.  I'd like to hold off on getting dental work until then, especially since my car isn't here yet.

It's not as easy for Bill to haul me around as it was last time we were here because now he has to account for his hours on the job.  He was told that the work is based on deliverables over hours, but he still has to work 80 hours every two weeks.  I think that's kind of dumb.  I mean, why tell someone deliverables are more important than actual hours worked if you're going to make them account for their time?  Especially since they don't get paid by the hour.

Last time we were here, I used the dental clinic on Patch to get a cleaning and one small filling done. I was actually pretty impressed by what was offered there.  In fact, Bill had to get a couple of crowns and he said the American dentist who did them was one of the best he's ever encountered (he was also quite a hottie).  This time, we can't use the dental clinic.  That's actually alright with me.  I'd rather find someone I like and have somewhere to go.

Next step is getting the dogs to the vet.  Last time, we used the clinic run by the military.  We could do that again, but it's a real pain to get them in because they handle pets on a Space A basis.  We also used a German vet in Herrenberg, which is a town not too far from us.  We could go back there or use one in the town where we now live.  The vet in Herrenberg was pretty good, even if she did diagnose my Flea (RIP) with prostate cancer.  :(

Bill got time off for Thanksgiving, so now it's time to arrange for flights and lodging.  Will be glad to get that over with.  I hate transatlantic flights.


  1. good luck with the dental problem. I've never had a for-real toothache, but I cannot imagine it would be pleasant.

    I haven't taken enough transatlantic flights (a whopping one0 to hate them, but flying in general. makes me nervous now. I'm naïve, but I though before that radar and tracking were such that it was impossible for a decent-sized commercial plane in flight to get lost. how little I knew.
    Still,, you can cower in fear and not live your life, or you can go with the odds, which are pretty good where commercial flights are concerned. on the other hand, while I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I have a feeling that if I knew everything there as to know with what goes on with security, flights in general, etc,. I'd never fly. Sometimes what you don't know doesn't really hurt you.

    1. I hate long haul flying just because it's unpleasant and uncomfortable. And I hate jet lag. Also, I'm not ready to go back to the States yet.

      This toothache is, at this point, annoying. It's not agonizing and hasn't caused me to lose sleep. I always get to the dentist before that happens, anyway. It's just annoying.

      As for Zane, he ended up tearing the skin off his paw pad today, so Bill took him to the vet we saw last time we were here. They mistook him for Flea, who died almost five years ago. The vet wrapped up Zane's paw and Bill will take him back on Monday for a recheck. I guess we'll just use that vet since we know where they are, know they speak English, and know they do good work.


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