Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hoping for an outing that's more fun than going to the PX...

And when we get back, I hope to have something fun to write about...  I've been entertaining myself by watching reruns of 7th Heaven and reminding myself of how irritating Stephen Collins is.   Recently, he reconnected with most of the gang from that show, sans Mackenzie Rosman (aka Ruthie) and the "twins", who were really quadruplets and never developed as anything more than annoying extraneous characters.  I was surprised to see Jessica Biel there.  Looked like they had a good time and, perhaps, Collins gets along better with Catherine Hicks (aka Annie) than his real wife, Faye (who could be his ex by now).

Having read Stephen Collins' books, I know that he's not really like RevCam... but it sounds like his and Faye aren't getting along so well anymore.  Pity.  I remember when she starred in an early episode of 7th Heaven.

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