Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't disrespect my religion, bro...

This is an official Oklahoma diver's license issued to a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster faith.  Yes, that is a colander on her head.

Shawna Hammond, the woman in the photo above, was just featured on KTLA's Facebook because she's both an atheist and a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  She says the colander on her head represents freedom either of or from religion.  And I say, as long as it doesn't break any rules, why the hell not?  I mean, her religious preferences or lack thereof are no more ridiculous than anyone else's.

Naturally, if you check out the photo on KTLA's Facebook, you'll see lots and lots of comments.  It's always interesting to see people come out of the woodwork when someone dares to do something kind of goofy like this.  But hell, if people who follow other religions can wear headgear as an expression of their faith, why can't Shawna wear her colander?  She's not hurting anyone and her face is clearly visible.  In fact, I had to look closely to even be able to tell that that was a colander and not some kind of stylish hat.

One comment that struck me as kind of funny came from a woman who claimed that another person was "overeducated" because he wasn't sure Jesus Christ existed.  She said he needed to stop reading books and just live life for awhile.  While I don't claim to be an atheist, I do think one of religion's biggest failings is not encouraging people to read and educate themselves, just because if they do, they might stop believing.  Any belief system that encourages a person not to think for themselves or tries to scare them away from education is not one I'd value highly.  

Anyway, the comments on this photo are pretty funny and surprisingly interesting.  If you check them out, have a look at what Christ Opher has to say.  Right now, he has the top comment and it's the first one you'll see when you click the link.

Our furniture arrives today, which makes me very happy.  I don't actually enjoy the process of moving in or moving out, but I am glad that we'll have a real bed tonight and my beloved desk will be here so I can stop sitting on the floor.  Tomorrow, we'll have a new fridge and dryer and Friday, I hope to be able to wash my clothes.  Things are starting to fall into place.

On a sadder note, my mom is going to have a simple single mastectomy this coming Monday.  I talked to her last night and she said her doctor told her they weren't certain they got all of the cancer when they did her lumpectomy a couple of weeks ago.  So, given that she's 76 years old, her kids are grown, and my dad is dead, I guess she decided it was better to go ahead and part with her breast.  My mom is ridiculously practical and didn't seem at all upset or worried about the surgery.  I found it hard to talk to her about it, because when it comes to my body, I'm easily freaked out.  I don't even like having dental crowns done.  But I guess if I were presented with a choice of losing a body part over getting very sick, I'd choose the surgery.

Yesterday, I met the people who live next door.  They are a very nice couple.  I had a letter for them that was mistakenly put in our mailbox.  Our new landlady introduced us and said the letter came from a vicar who used to be their neighbor.  I was kind of charmed by that.  People don't send handwritten letters anymore.  It's a lost art.



  1. Haha, when I first saw the photo I thought she must be one of those operatic soprano with aspiration for Wagner (and the Ring Cycle's Bruennhilde)... until I realized that the shiny helmet is actually a colander, of course. :P

    Your mom is a brave woman! Hope the operation goes well and that the docs will get all the cancer out. To be honest I wouldn't mind being rid of my breasts (then I wouldn't have to wear a bra in this icky hot weather!)... but then I guess that would necessitate hormone replacement therapy. Not a fun prospect! :oP

    Anyhow, hope Zane's paw is healing well! :o)

    1. Yeah, I will be writing about Zane's paw today. He kept us up over it.


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