Friday, September 5, 2014

Can we talk?

We finally got WiFi last night, which makes things a bit more bearable as we wait for our furniture to be delivered on Tuesday. Things were pretty uncomfortable in the new house for the first couple of nights.  Bill and I are sharing a futon, which is about the size of a full sized bed.  The dogs are also sharing the futon, so things get pretty crowded.  The mattress isn't very comfortable, though I did buy us a feather bed to put on top of it and that has helped somewhat.  Aside from the futon, there's nothing to sit on except a couple of area rugs I bought when we got the futon.

I've been using my phone to communicate, which means writing anything has been pretty much out of the question.  I think the former tenants let their dog(s) pee in the room I've been basing myself in.  My own dog, Arran, has also had a bit of a relapse in his house training, though he's mostly done his marking in rooms with no carpet.

Thanks to there being very little carpet, there's a lot of echo, which makes it tough when the dogs bark.  One of the neighbors already said something to our new landlords, who have paid us a visit every day for the past few days.  I'm hoping the neighbor isn't expecting me to stay at home 24/7 with the dogs, although in Germany, you aren't supposed to leave them home alone for long periods of time.  I don't usually do that, but there are times when I do have to go out sans pooches.

However, I will say that it's good to have a bigger space that's ours; the landlords are very nice; and this house, while not quite as awesome as our last German house was, is weird but fine.  It was designed to be two apartments, so the stairway is in a foyer and the house can be sectioned off.  It has two doorbells and two kitchens, only just one of the kitchens is equipped.  The other will have to be used as a closet or something.  

One of our four missing boxes from Texas showed up yesterday.  It contained some spices, sheets, a couple of curtain panels, two shot glasses, one of which broke in transit, a jacket, and some nice carvings I bought for Bill's "office".  The landlord also got the heat going for us yesterday, which was a great thing.  It's been unusually chilly the past few days.  I prefer that to the 100 degree heat in Texas, though.

Hopefully, the neighbors will get used to the dogs and we won't have a fracas over them.  They really do try to be good.  I wish I had noticed that this house shares a wall with others.  Had I seen that, I don't know that I would have agreed to take it.  I was really trying not to live in a duplex, while at the same time, not wanting to live in a tiny, temporary apartment.

Our cars will get here next week, probably around the same time the furniture gets here.

Joan Rivers died last night.  I had a feeling she would.  She was the same age my dad was when he died.  I think he outlived her by a couple of months.  My dad was not a Joan Rivers fan.  He sometimes said I reminded him of her and he didn't mean it as a compliment.  I didn't always think she was funny, though she was usually entertaining in some way.  She was a hard worker and obviously much loved by her daughter, Melissa.  I wish Melissa and her son, Cooper, much peace.

It's still hard to write when you have to sit on the floor, but I intend to do a lot of it today because I have nothing better to do... other than watch crappy shows from the 70s and 80s like CHiPs...  I am so ready for this moving process to be done once and for all... and hope that we won't have to move again for awhile.    


  1. Hi There! I found your blog via Stuttgart Friends. I am the previous tenant of the house you rented in Jettingen. I hope things get better for you! The house is a bit odd, but the quiet location, wide street for parking, nice neighbors (I promise, they are nice!!) and amazing landlords make up for it! :) Also, If its the room I'm thinking of, the previous tenants had a cat and I'm pretty sure thats where the liter box sat because our dog also had a relapse in his house training and had a few accidents. I did my best to shampoo the carpet each time he had an accident and clean but he always chose that room. Anyway, enjoy Jettingen!

    1. Hi! Don't worry about it. This house at least has better carpet than the last one we were in. Also, I had a feeling that the pee probably came from multiple tenants. The landlords mentioned that they had rented the house to a number of people and I know that accidents happen. Since I'm sitting on the floor, though, it's more noticeable than it might have been.

      We went through a similar "breaking in" period when we moved here last time. It took us forever to venture out with our then dogs because we didn't want to disturb people. They did eventually get used to us and our dogs, who were actually a lot more obnoxious than the ones we have now. I just don't like feeling like I'm bothering people.

      I am not a fan of carpeting because it's hard to keep clean, but carpet does cut down on noise. We will be getting our stuff soon, though, and that will help absorb some of the echoes and hopefully make us less annoying to the guy next door. I'm also thinking of putting up some foam padding on the shared walls to help absorb some of the sound. It would be a good use of all the cardboard we're about to come into.

      Thanks for the comment. We're going to take a long walk today and see if we can't burn off some of the dogs' pent up energy.

    2. Enjoy the woods! One can spend hours wandering the black forest, which, coincidentally is your new back yard! My dog already misses the trails, fields and forests. Dog Paradise!!

    3. See my latest post! We took your advice and now the dogs are dead to the world.


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