Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big dumb ox...

Today, as Bill and I were driving to Boblingen to pick up our cars, I was telling him about a friend of mine from college.  She lived next door to me for a year and we got to be somewhat close.  The girl never lacked for boyfriends.  Unfortunately, her boyfriends tended to be abusive jerks.  One guy she dated was a football player from a nearby men's college.  His name was "Ox".

I'm sure that Ox was not the guy's real name, but everybody called him that.  My friend thought he was the shizzle.  Unfortunately, he often left her in tears after his infrequent visits.  More than once, I found her crying in our shared bathroom after Ox had stood her up, called her fat, or addressed her by an offensive nickname like "cumdumpster" or "little whore".

I'm not really sure what my friend saw in Ox.  He wasn't great looking.  He wasn't a great football player.  He didn't have a lot of money.  And he certainly wasn't nice to her.  But she dated him for a couple of years before they finally broke up.

I'd like to say my friend wised up after Ox, but she moved on to yet another asshole.  The guy's name was Jimmy and he also attended the nearby men's school.  He had a lot of money.  Rumor had it one of his relatives had helped found a major juice company in the United States, though I have never confirmed that.  Jimmy drove a brand new Lexus.  In the early 90s, that was a pretty sweet car, especially for a college student.

My friend fell head over heels for Jimmy.  But he appeared to treat her even worse than Ox did.  My friend worked at a fast food restaurant to earn extra money so she could stay in school.  Jimmy didn't want her working in fast food, so he ordered her to quit her job... and she did.  Before long, my friend pretty much moved in with Jimmy and quit going to class.  She stopped talking to her friends, too.  All kinds of rumors were flying around about her and those of us who cared about her were very worried.

Twenty years later, my friend showed up on Facebook with her husband-- not Jimmy-- and her two kids.  It looks like her life is going well.  In fact, she looks a lot like she did when we were good friends.  I hope her husband treats her as well as it looks like he does.  She always seemed to appreciate guys who were "bad".

Bad guys never like me.  I'm way too outspoken.



  1. Bad guys only want to copy my homework, or else they steal my papers out of teachers' files. they otherwise want nothing to do with me, probably at least in part because of the size of my boobs and overall stick-like dimensions of my body, although my personality probably isn't all that charming to them, either. Many of them are stupid or at least so self-centered that they appear as such.,

    I'm at my condo now and start class on Thursday.

    1. You must be excited! I hope you will have time to update us on how school is going for you. I look forward to a post about your first experiences in gross anatomy class.

      I have always attracted really nice guys. Fortunately, I like nice guys. I'm still friends with a couple of my exes, too. I had enough abusive crap being raised by my dad, who was not as abusive as he could have been, but was definitely abusive enough.


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