Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ahhh... the weekly PX ritual...

When we lived in Germany last time, we often did our PX/commissary shopping on Sundays.  I think it was mainly because a lot of stuff in Germany is closed on Sundays, although I do know there is a fest going on in Tuebingen this weekend.  We did need to go there today, though, because it looks like we might finally be getting our vehicles this coming week and we had to go buy vests.

Germany recently passed a law requiring all cars to have at least one safety vest in it.  We had the first aid kits and traffic triangles in both cars from last time, though the first aid kits are probably in need of retirement by now.  So we went to the PX and picked up the vests, as well as a new DVD player to replace our broken one and another WiFi booster.

Then, after lunch at the Phuket Inn stand right outside the PX, we went to the commissary for groceries.  I generally find grocery shopping a nervewracking experience, especially at the commissary.  The one at Patch Barracks is basically two big buildings hinged together by a hallway.  It can get rather crowded and it doesn't always have everything you need.

Then we stopped by the Class VI, where we picked up some beer, a bottle of wine, and a couple of mini bottles of amaretto for our green beans.  A chef I used to work with taught me a great trick of sautéing beans in a little amaretto and adding a few toasted almond slices for good measure.  I don't always bother with the toasted almonds and had gotten out of the habit of using the amaretto, but since it was right there, I figured I'd pick up some.

I never thought I'd say this, but we really need to get some beer glasses.  We have some in storage...  actually, we have a shitload in storage, but thought it'd be easy to get more here.  Sometimes the beer racks come with a free glass.  So far, that hasn't happened yet.  You can buy beer by racks of twenty here.  We probably ought to just go to a drink market for them, since the beers at the Class VI tend to be kind of boring.

Yesterday's trip to Nagold was kind of fun.  See my travel blog for pics.  I'm itching to take a trip.  Columbus Day weekend is coming up.  Maybe we can do something then.  Of course, I also have to buy tickets to go back to the States for Thanksgiving.  Will be glad to be done with that.

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