Friday, August 29, 2014

Will probably be incommunicado for part of next week...

We move into our new rental home on September 1.  We don't get the Internet hooked up until September 4.  Since Germany is rather stingy with free WiFi (not even sure McDonald's has it), I probably won't be able to access the Internet, except maybe with my phone.  I have limited data on that, since we didn't go with a contract (contracts in Germany can be notoriously difficult to break).

While I will probably go through some withdrawal, it's good for me to be offline for a few days.  I need to be reminded that I once lived without the Internet.  Besides, being offline will give me some time to collect things to write about.

Hopefully, our household goods will get to us very close to the day we move into our house.  The cars are due here September 7th.  We still don't have the boxes we mailed, hoping they'd get to us quickly.  Maybe they'll show up eventually.

I'm still worried about Zane, who, although he's acting completely normally, still has that big rabies shot lump on his hip.  Hopefully, we will be able to get him to the vet soon.  I doubt anything can be done, other than a fine needle aspirate.  That may put my mind at ease.  On the other hand, even if it comes up clear, there's no telling what the future holds.

I have no new information about my mom.  I may end up calling her today, depending on how things go.

Yesterday, I chatted with a woman who is a contractor here and can't wait to leave.  She told me about some really bad things that happened to her.  Someone poisoned her cat and she had to have him put to sleep.  Her bike got stolen.  And apparently, someone complained about her dogs barking too much and the authorities supposedly threatened to take them from her.  She ended up moving, even though she's been here just over a year.

I don't anticipate anything like that happening to us.  It didn't happen last time.  Still, talking to her kind of soured my mood a little because it made me think of things that could go wrong.  I need no encouragement in that department.  

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