Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wheels up later today...

Bill and I are on our way to Houston in a little while and then at 3:50pm, if all goes according to plan,  we'll be on our way to Frankfurt.  We should arrive there sometime around 8:30am German time.  After that, we go through customs, which may take a little while, then pick up a rental car.  We'll drive to Stuttgart and start what may be a lengthy stay in a German hotel.

I'm a little excited now because life's about to change...  We love living in Europe.  I just hope we all make it through the flight alright.  This will be Zane's and Arran's first time on an airplane.

I'd like to fast forward through the plane ride.  Otherwise, this is a good thing.  Bill gets to go back to work and I get to enjoy the beauty of Europe again.  


  1. I hope you're on a plane to Germany right now.

  2. We are now in Germany and exhausted. I must sleep before I write.


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