Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today has already gotten off to a weird start...

We got up this morning to take the driver's license exam only to find out that it's not until this afternoon.  So Bill had to drive me all the way back to the apartment where we're staying and will be back later to pick me up.  We have to get this done today because next week he'll be in Chad and I won't have access to a car.

Last night, the people who own the house we looked at last weekend contacted Bill to tell him we could rent it.  We are going to take it because there aren't a whole lot of pickings right now and we did like the area where it's located.  It's not quite as awesome as our old German house was, but it's also not as expensive.  Last time we were here, we paid 1950 euros for our home.  This time, it'll be 1600.  That will come in handy for paying off debt and going on trips.  350 euros a month is nothing to sneeze at, especially since part of Bill's retirement money is going to be withheld to pay back the bonus he and Ex took when he got out of the Army in the 90s.  After about 18 or 19 months, we'll get the whole amount.  Hopefully, we can stay in Germany for that long and build up a nice savings account for when we are ready to finally buy our own place.

Speaking of trips, I'm really ready to go on one.  But Bill has to earn vacation hours and we have to go to Virginia in November...  or at least that's what my mom is hoping we'll do.  Hell, I just want everything to be normal again so I can be more productive.

I noticed our shitty Texas rental is still available.  Big surprise.  

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