Monday, August 18, 2014

The C word...

No, not cunt...  cancer.  My mom has it.  It's in her right breast.

I called her today on Skype to see how she was doing and wish her a belated happy 75th birthday.  She said she had some news.  She has breast cancer-- two masses that were found during her latest mammogram.  She's had the test every year religiously for the past thirty years.  This year, it took her 18 months, probably because my dad was in the process of dying.

She told me to go get a mammogram.  I still haven't had my first one and now I am in Germany, where it's slightly less user friendly to get healthcare.

She was deathly calm in telling me this news, by the way.  She said it doesn't upset her.  She has a very practical attitude and has pretty much said "Just tell me where to go and what to do."  She said she was on her way to a surgeon today with her best friend.  We'll see what the surgeon says.

This really sucks.

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