Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No controversies yet...

I keep waking up in the middle of the night, mainly because the dogs need to go out for a wee.  Bill gets up to take them out, wakes me up, then I can't get back to sleep.  Last night, I ended up doing some reading of a new book I started that was written by an airline pilot.  It's all about how airplanes and airlines work.  When I'm finished reading, I will review it on my travel blog.

Bill had to turn in the rental car today and is looking to get a smaller, cheaper one.  He's also going to try to get me full access to the military installations in this area.  I only got temporary access when we visited on Monday because I didn't have my SOFA card yet.  The SOFA card is what basically allows Americans affiliated with the military to live in Germany without being hassled by the immigration people.  Since Bill is now a contractor, he had to fill out German paperwork to prove that he's not going to be a burden to or profit from Germany.  We are here strictly to support the US military mission... and to have a little fun traveling and drinking beer.  ;-)

Bill's first trip is to Chad.  It's in the middle of the month.  I am hoping we can move to a place that is more user friendly than the hotel is because I don't want to be in this hotel by myself, trying to deal with two dogs.  Though we will be getting our German licenses soon (actually military issued licenses that are only good in Germany), I won't have access to a car.  This room also lacks a mini fridge and/or a microwave, so I have to go to restaurants if I want to eat.  Hard to do that with two dogs, even though they are welcome in many places here.  I can't hang on to both of them and keep them contained while trying to eat, and they tend to cry and howl if I leave them alone.  We may end up moving to a short term apartment, since housing searches can take weeks and I'm not sure I can stand being in a standard hotel room for weeks with my dogs.  

As for the new job, Bill says it's going okay.  It's work he knows how to do and enjoys.  I suspect that once he gets rolling with the work, he's going to be a superstar.  Unfortunately, there isn't much support for contractors.  He had to pay for his own visa to Chad, as well as the fee to overnight his passport to Berlin for the visa.  He has to repay the company for the plane tickets to Germany.  He has to find his own housing with no help from the housing office.  Since we've been here before, it's completely doable to find a place... but it doesn't make things easier for us.  The good news is, once we're settled, we probably won't have to move again for awhile.

After the move is more complete, I will be writing a blog post about the difference between moving to Germany as a contractor vs. as a service member.  It's information that needs to be disseminated for those contemplating the contractor lifestyle.

I think I need to lie down for a bit, since I didn't sleep well last night.  Will blog more later if I become inspired.


  1. Encourage Bill to stay away from Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    1. Oh, he's not going there. He won't be going to Nigeria either.


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