Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moving to an apartment today...

It's only temporary, though.  An American owns a house in the area and rents out parts of it to hapless people looking for housing or temporarily in Stuttgart for duty purposes.  We happened to luck into her small apartment because the person before us had to leave the area suddenly due to a family emergency.

At the same time, yesterday, we looked at a house out in the country which we may end up renting.  It's not as nice as the last house we had, but it's also not as expensive.  And in some ways, it's more private than that house was.  The landlords seemed to like us and said they hoped we were interested, even though the house is located a ways from where Bill works.  It's actually no further than the other house was; it's just not as straight of a drive.  It would be nice if we could find a place quickly.  The sooner we're settled, the happier I'll be.  The landlords told us other people had asked about the house and they'd need to make a choice, but as we were leaving, the landlady told us about the screens she planned to put in the windows.  I figure if we were shitheads, she wouldn't have bothered.

The apartment is a good thing, though.  Not only does it get us out of the hotel room, which is way more expensive; it also allows us to cook and do laundry.  And we don't have our furniture yet and probably won't for awhile, so we wouldn't want to be in a house anyway right now.

Bill and I had a weird experience last night.  I made the mistake of posting about it in the Stuttgart Friends group and immediately got called an idiot.  Obviously, I must be an idiot for coming here... right?  Or anywhere else.  I just don't like to feel like I'm in somebody's way.

This will pass and all will be fine again soon, I hope.  

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