Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Duggar news... one sister is engaged and the another is pregnant...

Well, it wasn't a huge surprise to hear that Jessa Duggar is now engaged to 19 year old Ben Seewald.  And now big sister Jill is pregnant less than two months after her wedding to Derick Dillard.

I actually am kind of pleased for Jill.  I think she'll make a great mom.  I like her husband, too.  He doesn't seem as hardcore as Boob does.  I wish them well.

As for Jessa... well, I guess I can't blame her for being ready for marriage.  It means less time stuck in the compound and dorm room.  Whether or not this is a union that will work out remains to be seen.  At least he's a reasonably good looking guy, even if he's probably way too young to be getting married.  Hopefully, it'll work out for them too.

The Duggars don't seem to want to get off my newsfeed, so I figure I might as well blog about them.   I think I like the Duggar kids much better than I like Boob and Michelle.  Hopefully, they won't turn out to be famewhoring breeders too.

I'm really ready for Bill to get back to Germany.  I'm sick of being alone in this little apartment with no transportation.



  1. Take Two. Lost the first reply.

    I'm happy for Jill, but only because she seems happy. It seems as though having a year or so just to be a married couple, especially after having so recently escaped the Duggar regime, without adding pregnancy and a third party to the mix might not have been a bad idea. It's her life, though, and she's now free to live it as she desires since she's longer under the authority of JimBob and Michelle.

    As for Jessa, if I were she, I'd marry Charlie Manson himself (since he's
    locked up and with conjugal visits being not all that likely) if it were my only avenue of escape from the compound. Ben seems awfully young to be getting married, and he appears to lack the cojones to stand up to JimBob. Jessa, on the other hand, has a bit of a spine and may be able to cut the chains that have thus far bound her to JimBob and all for which he stands.

    The one thing I worry about where all the Duggars are concerned i that i wonder if ny of them would know what to do in the instance of a really bad marriage. I'm all for trying at mot but not all costs to make a marriage work, but there sometimes comes a time when enough is enough. In such an event. I'm not confident any Duggar would know what to do beyond consulting a pastor and /or fundie Christian counselor, both of whom tend to advocate for husbands. I'm not saying they never look out for a woman's best intereests; just that I've never heard of such happening. Even with the LDS church, I know of one woman who was advised to end her temple marriage when her huband continued with the physical abuse even after counseling with the bishop and lDS social services counselor. that's rare, from what I've heard; usually the woman in an LDS marriage is advised to leave only when her husband apostcizes, and the man in this instance was Peter Priesthood from a a family of prominent Peter Priesthoods.

    As a postscript, I understand that men, too, are victims of domestic abuse, usually because it's been ingrained in most good men never to hit a woman, and if one did act self-defense, most likely the woman would pick up the phone and dial 911, and the man would find himself being carted off in handcuffs without any consideration of what led to his defense of himself.

    1. Well, all of this stuff will keep their show on the air for a bit longer. That's surely what Boob wants.

  2. Absolutely! I wonder if he'd even be oK with something bad happening 9not like losing a kid or anything that tragic0 but a divorce of one of the kids, messed up pregnancy, etc. , just to keep the ratings up.

  3. Probably. I think he's just after the money and the fame.


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