Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mom's cancer...

I Skyped my mom yesterday to find out how she was doing after she told me about her breast cancer diagnosis.  She seemed to be surprisingly okay under the circumstances.  She told me that the type of cancer she has is invasive lobular carcinoma and that there is either one tumor in her right breast or two smaller ones.  This type of breast cancer is the second most common, though it only affects 10-15% of patients.  She had an appointment with a surgeon yesterday to find out when the tumor(s) can be removed.  She hoped yesterday they would be able to do the surgery on Monday.

Mom also told me about the horrible MRI she had done.  She'd had one before and it was no big deal.    To have one done for breast cancer, though, is a different thing.  She said it was awful and she resorted to praying and singing "Jesus Loves Me" in her head while lying in an uncomfortable position with her boobs in some kind of contraption.

My mom also misses my dad.  She said she missed having him sit near her, looking at her like she's crazy.  I guess even with severe dementia, my dad could be a real character.  My oldest sister, the one with the PhD in public health, is all over this, as usual.  Mom said she had a feeling my sister will want her to go to North Carolina for treatment.  But Mom had her fill of being down there when my dad got treated.  She doesn't like being too far from her own place or having to be my sister's guest for a long time.  When my dad first got back surgery and things went south, she got stuck there for weeks.  It stressed her out.  I told her I could understand why she'd prefer to stay in Virginia around her own place and near her friends.

I guess I'll call her in a few days for an update... or maybe I'll hear from my sister, who generally gets appointed to disseminate information at times like this.

All that's been going on this summer reminds me of this song by Peter Gabriel...    


  1. This is the third time i've left this comment. my computer is in need of exorcism or ogf being cast into a dumpster.

    I'll be thinking of and praying for your mom, who sounds like a strong woman.

    1. Thanks Alexis. This summer, she has really proven her strength.


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