Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michelle Duggar opens her big mouth again... this time about the transgendered

I remember about ten years ago when I first laid eyes on Michelle Duggar's image.  She was in a hospital bed, holding her latest baby.  In 2004, that would have been Jackson.  If I recall correctly, she was in the news for having him... and she might have been given a "Mother of the Year" award or something like that.  I remember she had a hideous hairstyle, with long hair in the back and short hair in the front... like a mullet on steroids.

Since those days, Michelle has become a reality TV star, which has also led her to dabble in politics.  Oh, she probably did some dabbling in the days when she wasn't famous.  Her husband, JimBoob was an elected official at one point.  But since she's famous, she has a bigger platform now and is able to spread her bullshit further than she otherwise might have.

Today, I read about Michelle Duggar's robocall to voters in Arkansas.  She's calling to inform voters about an anti-discrimination ordinance that is about to be voted on by the Fayetteville City Council.  While it appears that the ordinance is really about protecting the rights of those who might be disenfranchised by employers, landlords, and other public accommodations, Mrs. Duggar focuses on males being allowed to use women's restrooms and dressing rooms.  She's referring to transgendered people-- those who are biologically one gender but identify and present as the other gender.

She's afraid that someone who is biologically male will invade a public bathroom while she's taking a whiz.  If it's a public restroom, hopefully she's in a stall with the door locked where no one, other women included, would be able to watch her pee.  Of course, if she came to Europe and spent some time here, she'd find out that there are a lot of unisex public restrooms and the vast majority of people are able to relieve themselves in peace and harmony.

Frankly, I think Michelle's robocall is a bit odd.  I admit I know little about local politics in Arkansas (or anywhere else, for that matter).  But is this proposed ordinance really only about transgendered people being able to choose which toilet they use?  And is Fayetteville, Arkansas really teeming with so many transgendered people that this is a huge issue?  And do Michelle Duggar and her ilk really believe that a person who isn't heterosexual is automatically a pedophile?  If so, they are even dumber than they seem.

Pedophilia has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or being transgendered.  People who are sexually attracted to children aren't necessarily gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.  Moreover, most pedophilia perversion happens within a family or at the hands of a close, trusted, family friend.  It's unlikely that a transgendered person who changes clothes in a locker room among people who have different reproductive equipment is just going to bust out and molest someone.  I think Michelle Duggar would do well to educate herself, but I realize that's a pipe dream.

Anyway, I guess Mrs. Duggar's concern is that if this ordinance passes, creepers will start claiming that they're transgendered and invade the women's bathrooms and start raping women and children.  This just seems like a ridiculous scenario, though.  Rape is not about sex; it's about power.  And if someone is that desperate to exert power over another person, they won't be stopped by the law, nor will they be encouraged by an ordinance that gives people recourse when they suffer from discrimination.  In other words, if this scenario Michelle Duggar predicts isn't a problem now, it won't be a problem if the anti-discrimination ordinance passes.

Christians, by the way, are not immune from acting like perverts.  Case in point, an Oklahoma teenager was just charged with raping several children at a Kenyan orphanage while serving as a missionary.  Who's to say there aren't pedophiles posing as good Christians hanging out in the churches Michelle Duggar and her family visit?

ETA in 2016...  Wow... little did we know about the bombshell that was going to drop on the Duggars in a matter of months.

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