Monday, August 11, 2014

In the warm room...

Kate Bush sings "In the Warm Room"...

Bill and I moved to the apartment yesterday and Bill spent some time trying to get Internet and the TV working.  He never did get WiFi going; I am writing this using an ethernet cable.  The apartment is fine.  It's in a cute neighborhood, in a house that has been divided into a few units.  Everybody staying here is American, as far as I know, and the lady who owns the house is American too.

This house is pretty warm, though, and although there are two fans in the apartment, only one of them works.  In a month, it probably won't matter.  It starts getting chilly in September in this part of Germany.  I hope by then we'll have permanent digs so I can relax.  I am glad to be out of the hotel.  It was a nice enough place, but we were paying a lot more for the space and I was constantly worried about the dogs being too loud.  Also, the hotel was in a busy area and it got kind of noisy.  This area is more residential, so we shouldn't have as much traffic noise or church bells going...

Not that I don't like hearing church bells, mind you.  It's just that around here, they go on for a long time.  Like yesterday, I think the bells went on for several minutes because it was Sunday.  Our hotel room also backed up to someone's backyard.  The other day, they were grilling meat out there and the dogs went a little crazy!  

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a regular house for us.  There are many people looking, so there's plenty of competition.  Stuttgart, in some ways, is a bit of a booming metropolis.  It can be a chore to find a suitable home.  We got very lucky last time.  I'm hoping our luck is good this time, especially after our last renting experience.  Most of all, I'm ready for us to be paid normally again, so I can start retiring some of the debt we accumulated in the process of getting here.


  1. I'm not sure i'm clear. Is this apartment where you will stay, or is it a temporary houssing situation.

    The situation of the church bells remind me of a poel by a.e. housman called Bredon Hill. it starts with "The bells they sound on Bredon. . . . A happy sound to hear'" The bells are beckoning the people to church. It goes on to talk about how the protagonist is lying in bed with his lover and has no intention of interrupting his love-making session. In the end, he gives in.: "Oh noisy bells, be dumb. I hear you; I will come!"

    Don't let the church bells make religious nuts out of you and the Lt. Col Ret.

  2. We are this apartment temporarily. We pay 55 euros a night for it instead of 108 euros a night at the hotel. I expect we'll be here until at least early September, but we may be here longer. In the meantime, we're looking for a house to rent. We did see one the other day, but the landlord has to choose which tenants they want. Apparently, we are among several candidates.


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