Sunday, August 3, 2014

If you want details of our first hours in Germany...

have a look at my travel blog.  I have written a very brief account there.  I just slept for four hours and am now feeling a lot better.  Bill brought us some German style Turkish pizza.  I am a little tired of pizza, but grateful not to be hungry.  Our hotel has proper beer glasses, too...  I'm drinking a hefeweizen out of a hefeweizen glass.  In fact, last time we were here, we got two just like it.  I imagine this time, we'll get two more.  I think it's funny that we have no extra pillows worth mentioning, but if you want to drink a beer, by God you'll get the right glass to do it from.

This area of Stuttgart is the theater district.  The local production is Tarzan.

I'm basically doing fine and happy to be off the plane.  The dogs made it through fine.  All we have to do now is find a decent place to live and a nice landlord.  I think this is going to work out fine.


  1. I just accompanied a production of Tarzan (one night only - the regular accompanist was sick) in June. It's kind of a cute little show. I'm trying to imagine it being performed in the German language.

    1. I doubt we'll be seeing it. Gotta focus on finding a house. Bill has his first trip scheduled for mid month. He's going to Chad.


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