Monday, August 25, 2014


In October 2007, Bill and I moved into our first German home.  While he was working, I was unpacking our stuff.  Somehow, I lost my footing and landed hard on my ass on the wooden floor.  It was a very hard fall and I actually saw stars because it really hurt, despite all the cushioning my love of junk food and beer has left me on that part of my body.  After recovering from the fall, I took a look at my ass and was horrified to see a huge black and blue bruise forming there.  Within a couple of hours, a large swath of my right butt cheek sported hues of purple, black, blue, and a touch of yellow.

It took a few weeks for that bruise to completely heal.  Once it did, I was left with a big knot under the skin where the impact was the worst.  I had that knot the whole time we were in Germany last time and for a long while afterwards.  It's finally gone now, but it literally took years for that knot to go away.  I'm pretty sure it was a hematoma, but I never had a doctor check it out.

Well, our dear Zane has a big knot on his right hind leg, right in the area where he got a rabies vaccine back in early July.  I'm a little concerned about it, since these knots, while common, usually subside within a week or two.  He's had his for about eight weeks now.  I have been doing some research and I see that while some dogs have them for a lot longer than a couple of weeks and they eventually go away, some other dogs end up developing a type of canine cancer linked to rabies vaccines.

While it's unlikely that Zane has cancer, I still worry about it.  We lost our last two adorable hounds to cancer and I'm not ready to go through it again just yet.  Zane does have a tendency toward allergies and is allergic to at least one vaccine.

I can't get him in to the vet right now because we don't have transportation yet.  But Zane and Arran are due for checkups anyway, so I'll keep an eye on that lump and hope it goes down or away soon.  It doesn't seem to hurt him much, though I do think it could be a little bit sore.  He's still eating, drinking, and playing... and being his usual goofy, loving, adorable, and annoying self.  I hope that's the way he stays.        

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