Friday, August 8, 2014


I posted another restaurant review on my travel blog this afternoon.  We ate lunch in an area we used to frequent often when we lived in Stuttgart last time.  As we were headed back to the parking garage, I sneezed, and a pretty young German lady ran past and said "Gesundheit!"

On the way to the restaurant, an older gentleman was waiting for an elevator.  Bill and I took the stairs.  He still beat us to the top and laughed as he pointed it out.  I guess that's what he was doing.  My German isn't exactly awesome.  But it sounded like a little good natured ribbing to me.

It's so weird to be in Germany again.  Five years ago, we were here and preparing to leave.  I knew we'd be back... or at least I had a feeling we would.  But this is sort of like a dream assignment and as it turned out, it was Bill's only choice.  It was either come to Germany and take the contractor job or sit on your ass in Texas and be unemployed.  So here we are.

We have an appointment to see a house tonight.  The guy has been advertising it for awhile, so we'll see how it goes.  Bill has already checked the landlord blacklist and his name doesn't appear to be on it.  Still, I'm skeptical.  

I just ordered new pants, a jacket, and a pair of shoes.  The weather is going to get chilly soon.  It's so weird to be in Germany where the weather is very comfortable instead of sweltering hot.  It's nice to be here, too.

Slowly but surely...  

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