Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chocolate disaster...

Yesterday, was a chocolatey day.  After Bill and I picked up Ritter Sports for me to snack on, we went to visit a house that was being offered for rent.  But then, another couple decided to rent the house before we got to it.

As a consolation prize, the prospective landlord gave us a box of chocolates...  totally unnecessary and surprising, yet very nice (and totally different from what our Texas landlord would have done).  Then he said he had another property that was going to be available, though it's a penthouse and we really want a free standing house in a less populated area.  The house we went to see was in kind of a busy area, so I probably wouldn't have liked it much anyway.  The landlord and his girlfriend were very nice, though, and probably fine to do business with.

Anyway, we got back to the hotel room and found that Arran had raided my laundry.  Then he got into my backpack, where I had a few envelopes of premium Italian hot chocolate that Bill picked up for me in New York when he had his job interview.  Arran chewed a hole in one of the envelopes and made a big mess on the hotel carpet and the couch (thankfully leatherette and easy to clean up).  I don't think he actually ate much of the chocolate and if he did, it didn't make him sick.  Thank God for that.  We spent about half an hour trying to get the stain out of the carpet.

After we cleaned up the mess, we went out to dinner at another Italian place, which I will review on my travel blog.  We came back and went to bed early.  I guess we'll need to find a new hotel room soon, since this one may be booking up.  August is when a lot of Europeans, especially Germans, go on vacation.

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