Friday, August 22, 2014

Bill is on his way back to Germany!

I have really missed my husband this week, probably more than I usually do when he has to work at a different location.  This was his first trip as a contractor and he had to do it while we're still in temporary accommodations.  While the apartment we're in right now is really fine, it's not my own space.  And since I don't have my car handy, I can't exactly escape it easily.  I mean, I could take a bus somewhere if I got really stir crazy, but what fun is it to take a bus somewhere by yourself when you're not in a particularly interesting area?

Not that Kemnat, which is the neighborhood we're in right now, isn't beautiful.  It is.  There's a big field near where we are that offers a panoramic view of the little mountains in the distance.  The field has many fruit trees which are now heavy with fruit.  The dogs like walking through there, though they get really excited and make a lot of noise, which prompts dirty and/or curious looks from our German neighbors.

Yesterday, one of those German neighbors surprised me.  She had her son with her and he was holding a chewed up soccer ball that I had seen in the backyard.  I was in my nightgown, even though it was only 6:00pm, because I had just taken a shower and didn't feel like getting dressed.  For some reason, I didn't close the door all the way and my dogs escaped to go greet these people.

I'm not exactly sure what was going on.  The lady spoke German to me, but when I answered in English, she seemed to understand.  To be honest, I was a little embarrassed because I was in my nightgown with no bra on and wet hair and wasn't expecting to see anyone.  She wanted to go in the backyard because I think her son's ball was back there or something.  I honestly don't know.  I just pointed the way to the yard and wrestled my dogs back into the apartment.

The dogs were friendly and gentle as they greeted these people.  The little boy was giggling, yet shrinking away from them.  I kind of hope they spread it around that my dogs are actually really sweet and nice, even though they make a lot of noise.    

I'm hoping Bill gets back here in a few hours.  I am expecting some stuff in the mail and haven't been able to collect it all week because our locked mailbox is located miles away and I don't have access to a car or even the combination to get the mailbox open.  In a way, this is a good thing.  I don't have to dread getting certain things in the mail, like letters from our former property managers.  I have already told Bill that when that final letter comes, I don't want to hear about it because it's bound to piss me off-- even if it's just a check with what's left of our security deposit (I'm pretty certain they're going to screw us).  I've also missed him.  It's lonely being holed up in a small apartment with no one but dogs to talk to.

Yesterday, I posted on my travel blog about the difference between Army life and contractor life.  I posted the links on the Facebook groups for Stuttgart and I'll be damned if it's not getting a lot of hits.  I was going to wait before I posted about these two different living experiences, but I had nothing better to do.  If anything, it's useful information that curiously no one else seems to have written about.  I'm sure I'll be adding follow ups to that post as time progresses and we have more experiences.  I've gotten some good feedback, though... even from people who had been contractors and left to go back to the States because of the much lower pay being offered now.

Anyway, the dogs are ready for their morning poop ritual, so I guess I'll end this post.  If something rant worthy comes up later, I'll be back.  


  1. There's a hymn tune in several of my Protestant hymnals entitled 'Stuttgart." "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus" and "Child of Blessing, Child of Promise" are both sung to that tune sometimes, although I like "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus" better when it's sung to the Welsh

  2. I had not heard of those... or, I probably have, but the names aren't ringing a bell.

  3. Incidentally, I just posted about Marie Osmond on my DungeonOfThePast blog. She's singing "Pie Jesu"... which seems a little odd.


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