Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two more weeks...

We'll be getting on our flight to Germany in just two weeks.  That means we'll be very busy in the coming two weeks.  In the meantime, I'm sure we'll be asked to allow more showings, which means my expression may be permanent bitchface until I'm sipping a krystalweizen in Mohringen.

Seriously, July usually sucks, but this year it's REALLY sucked.  I've had a violent cough since June, so I haven't been feeling very well.  This morning I had a coughing fit that led to a puking fit.  Then I got a visit from Aunt Flow.

Bill retired and didn't get paid mid month, so we're financially tight this month… as we have big financial obligations in August.  In mid August, he'll get a huge paycheck-- or so he's told me.

My father died.  He was ready to die and he had a full life, so I can't say his death was truly tragic.  But still, it has an effect on one's psyche when a parent dies.  It's like the end of an era.  

My hatred for this house and our property managers has reached a fever pitch.  I also hate the neighborhood, especially since there seems to be lowlifes on the prowl.  I guess you'd find that anywhere, though.  Criminals are always looking for an opportunity.  I know we have about 12 days left and I should be grateful for that, but these may be long and annoying days.  It doesn't make me feel safe to find blood on the driveway and be visited by people obviously looking for an opportunity to case our house.

There is a bright side, though.  Soon we'll be back in Germany.  Hopefully we'll soon find a new place to live and it will be as decent as our last German house was… with a decent landlord, too.  July will be over soon and we'll be reintegrating to yet another new place that isn't so new to us since we were living there less than five years ago.

Bill arranged to ship our cars yesterday.  It's going to cost $3900.  Then, once they get to Germany, we'll end up having to pay more fees.  It'll be worth it, though, because those cars are paid for and we wouldn't be able to find two for $4000 in Germany.  

Bill's mom is going to be a big help to us because she's taking us to Houston and has said she'll help us clean.  I will miss having her around, but she likes having an excuse to come to Germany and see us.  She has friends who work in the airline industry, too, so she can score cheap tickets.

Bill is still working on his retirement ceremony.  Maybe next week he'll get his due?

Anyway, a week from now, our Germany shipment will be out of the house.  A few days after that, our storage will be on its way to a storage facility.  I'll finally get rid of the ugly furniture from the 70s I inherited.  This will be over soon…  Maybe the couple from last night will take this house.  Frankly, I think they'd fit right into this neighborhood.           

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