Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Slap in the face...

Sooo... yesterday, things came to a head when Bill came home and told me that his retirement award got downgraded.  His boss had submitted an award application for a Legion of Merit, which is an honor that befits someone who has had a commission for 30 years, served very honorably, gotten exemplary evaluations, and is an all around outstanding servicemember.  While it is a high honor, Bill  definitely deserves it and most anyone who has worked with him would agree.  However, some dickheaded colonel who doesn't know him downgraded his award to a Meritorious Service Medal.  This was Bill's fourth such award.  It's the kind of award one gets when moving from one job to another.

I know that when it comes down to it, it's just a piece of paper and only someone in the Army would recognize the significance of it.  Still, it upset me that his award got downgraded.  It felt like a slap in the face.  This man has put up with all kinds of bullshit and has managed to maintain a good attitude and an excellent work ethic.  When he showed me the award with obvious disappointment, I told him he ought to send it back.  Why bother with it?

I mentioned it on Facebook and one of Bill's former colleagues was equally dismayed and thought he should send it back.  I said I thought Bill should wipe his ass with it first.  I mean, it basically amounts to an "honorable mention" or a "satisfactory"... or a "15% tip".  It's insulting.

Apparently, they were going to present Bill with this award at a party that was held last month.  It happened to be on my birthday and Bill and I were both sick, so we didn't attend.  In retrospect, I'm glad we didn't attend.  It would have been difficult to fake being happy over yet another MSM.  I'm less pissed about it today than I was yesterday, mainly because I realize it means nothing.  The colonel who authorized it doesn't know Bill.  On the other hand, since he doesn't know Bill, I don't see why he is qualified to determine which award he deserves.  Why bother with an award at all?

This is kinda how Bill felt yesterday.

Anyway, I got very overwhelmed yesterday because of all that has been going on this month.  I looked at Bill and said, let's go buy me a computer.  We went out and bought a very nice laptop for me to use while we wait for my iMac to arrive in Germany God knows when.  I don't really like laptops that much.  I prefer desktops because I find them more comfortable.  But they aren't portable or practical, given that I travel a lot and like to be able to write.  I can't really write on my iPad, which is on its last legs anyway.

So now I have a new machine that I plan to put through its paces in the days to come.  I may not have a bed after Friday, but I will have a new machine to bitch about it on!


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