Saturday, July 19, 2014

Realtor just got a serious load of my bitchface...

We had a showing today from 4:00pm until 5:00pm.  We went to the dog park and hung out there until about 4:40 or so, then made our way back.  Usually, the realtors are here and gone before we know it.  This time, we got back to our house a little under ten minutes early and the people were still here, so we drove around for a few minutes and arrived home at 5:02.  They were still here.

I got out of the car with my dogs and gave the realtor a filthy look.  I know he saw it.  Bill saw it.  Turns out the holdup was the wife's husband, who is in the Air Force.  He showed up a few minutes later in his PT uniform.  We waited outside for about fifteen minutes while they toured the house.  They had a cute little boy and Zane went nuts over him.

The realtor probably thinks I'm a bitch because I was giving him a serious bitchface.  He tried to tell us that he was on time and that's just fine, but it's an inconvenience for us to have to be out of the house with our dogs.  The wife was pretty nice, at least.  I wasn't impressed with her husband.  He acted like he didn't care.  Glad I'm not married to him.

They all had enormous trucks.  Obnoxious as hell…  Glad to be getting out of this neighborhood.

Full on bitchface.


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