Thursday, July 24, 2014

Packers are coming today... so is the real estate agent...

I am already feeling very irritable and bitchy because it's bad enough dealing with packers.  I resent having showings going on while we're trying to move.  I understand that the real estate twats are just doing their jobs, but as someone who has paid a full month's rent, I expect to be able to tend to my own business.  I'm really close to full on bitch mode right now.  It's probably best if people left me alone.

Yesterday, we took the dogs to the Flying Saucer in San Antonio.  They did pretty well, at least until another dog showed up.  Then they made a ruckus.  We didn't actually have to go to the restaurant, but I thought it would be good to try, since in Germany, dogs are welcome at a lot of places.

We were told by the property managers that we didn't have to "vacate"-- wish they'd made that clearer in the lease, but in their defense, they weren't the original authors of the lease we have.  But they do expect us to take our dogs for a walk while the real estate idiots are here.  Well today, I have no intention of doing that.  I am not going to leave the residence while we have packers here.  They can just fuck right off.  If the prospective tenants feel "awkward", that's too damn bad.  If they're smart, they'll understand that when it comes time for them to move out, they'll have to put up with the same shit.

I spent most of yesterday listening to a brand new box set by the Allman Brothers Band.  It was somewhat repetitive because it consisted of live sets from their Fillmore East concerts in 1971.  It was like spectacularly awesome live music played slightly differently over and over again.  But I got a free review copy and they were pretty good shows.

After today, I expect I will be using my new laptop.  I'll miss my trusty desktop, but it is what it is...  I'll miss my bed, too.

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