Friday, July 25, 2014

Large part of the move done...

Today got off to a bad start.  The real estate booking people called late last night for another showing at 9:30am.  I was in a pissy mood over that.  Then the movers came and started packing us.  Let me just say this... they were WAY better than last year's movers.  It was a guy, his son, and another guy... They got all our stuff packed and on the truck by 3:30.  They were cool, didn't make a mess, and didn't mind my swearing.  They also didn't damage anything.

But then the real estate people called again for another showing that was intended for 15 minutes later... which they then rescheduled for 3:45pm.  I went a little ballistic and told Bill I didn't want any other showings today because of the chaos involved with movers being there.  Well, as it turned out, another appointment was scheduled, because Bill didn't listen to me... for 4:30pm.  We were in attendance for all three appointments.  I didn't talk to the first people, but they had three small kids, which I don't think is all that good for a house with a pool.  I mean, it does have a safety fence around it, but I still wouldn't want to have really young kids in this house.  That's probably because I personally know someone whose toddler aged daughter died in a pool.  But I think they weren't impressed with this place, so they left.

The next people to come were a woman, who apparently is in the Air Force, and a teenager.  They asked me for honesty, so I gave it to them straight up.  I told the real estate agent about the carpets and the ceilings, and the crappy rubber mulch in the backyard...  And I said I didn't like the neighborhood.  The prospective renter owns a home in another state and lives on Randolph AFB.  She said the housing there was the worst she'd ever seen.  Apparently, they decided not to privatize housing there because the housing is all historic.  The end result is terrible mold.  In that case, she'd do well to avoid this house, because it too has mold.

The third people to come through waved hello.  I didn't talk to them.  They seemed oddly impressed with this house, but they were also talking about double wide trailers.  In that case, maybe this house would fit the bill for them.

I feel good just because I got to tell that one lady that this house sucks donkey balls... even as I said that I knew she's a real estate agent.  And I think the prospective tenant was glad I was so upfront about things.  In one week, we will be out of this house and relaxing for our big flight to Frankfurt.  Things are coming together.

Bill did a shot with the mover and gave him a tip.  He said he'd call us if our load was too big.  Hopefully, it won't be.  The car shippers are going to let us send about two hundred pounds (100 each car) to Germany in the cars.  We'll probably throw in some towels and clothes.  And then next week, the government movers will come and put the rest of our stuff in storage.  One more week...

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