Sunday, July 27, 2014

I think I turned off another tenant... ;)

Now that we only have a few days left, I've noticed my attitude is becoming more DILLIGAF.  Yesterday, the real estate fuckers called about a 2:00 appointment to show the house.  I was annoyed, because I typically spend the day in my nightie on Saturdays and Sundays if I don't have something else going on.  Anyway, I got dressed.  At about a quarter to two, we got another phone call telling us that the appointment was postponed an hour.

Then at just before 2:00, the doorbell rang.  An Army guy and his wife were standing at our front door.  They said they were there to meet the real estate agent.  Bill laughed and said, "I guess she didn't tell you the appointment was postponed?"

The guy said she hadn't, so we availed ourselves to answer their questions.  I told them I wasn't wild about the neighborhood or the house.  I didn't get too much into specifics, but we left them with a distinct impression that this house sucks and so do the property managers.  Bill was very friendly and gave the guy the scoop on the commute to Fort Sam.  Then we said we'd be here if they wanted to check it out later.

I told Bill, "I bet they cancel."  Sure enough, about a half an hour later, the service called to cancel the appointment.

I celebrated by swimming nude while drinking copious amounts of beer.

Went to bed before 9:00 and slept like a baby.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hostile, but if someone asks me about this house, I'm going to be honest.


  1. You'd think the property manager would recognize that you can be their allies or their enemies in getting the place rented, and so much of the decision centers upon how they treat you.

    1. Well, I think they are entirely motivated by money, which blinds them to some things. Looks like a lot of young real estate agents get started with our property managers. Hope we teach them well.


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