Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I made my mom very happy...

After I visited my dad in the hospital on July 6, I told my mom I'd make her a CD of some of my songs.  I sent it to her the other day.  She got it and listened to it.  Today, she left me a message on my phone, telling me how much she loved the CD.  She said it made her cry and it was the first time she'd cried since my dad died.  She said she really needed to cry, so she thanked me for that.  How many times in a lifetime does your mom thank you for making her cry?  My mom must have really loved the CD.  If something sucks, she says so.

That's one thing nice that's happened today.  So far, the rest of the day has rather sucked.  The storage movers only sent two people and they aren't even close to being done.  It's 3:00 and we have to get packed up and loaded out tomorrow.  They still need to do the garage and pack up the kitchen.  They ran out of dish packs and can't finish until they get more.  Bill and I have had to cart stuff downstairs because we need the upstairs empty so the carpets can be cleaned.

ETA: One of the packers left early and the other one ate Chinese food from a gas station and got food poisoning.  She really didn't look well when we finally finished around 7:00.

Last year, we had a shitload of people show up and make a mess of things.  This year, we have two people moving too slowly and without enough supplies.  The guys who were here last week were really great.  I wish they could have done our whole move.

I'm going to stay at the hotel tomorrow and look after the dogs.  That way, the movers can get in and out without having to worry about them getting loose and I don't have to worry about losing my wits.

When I get to Germany, I will make my mom another CD with hymns as she requested.  Hopefully, we'll find a house that is free standing.  I wouldn't want to disturb the neighbors.

I'm just glad I don't have to go back to that house ever again.

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