Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hiding out in northwest San Antonio...

Bill has gone to supervise the movers as they put all our stuff on the truck.  I have a feeling this move is going to be a bit half-assed.  But it's easier for me to stay here with the dogs, so they don't run amok while people are coming in and out of the truck.  There's a lot to get done today, but at least just about everything was moved to the downstairs area or the garage.  That should speed things up.

The packers didn't quite finish packing, though, and I have a feeling this last piece could take longer for that reason.  I swear, this last month in that house has been a nightmare and this move is very painful.  I don't want to say it's as bad as last year's move was, but it's coming pretty close so far.  That poor packer that got food poisoning did the lion's share of the work all by herself yesterday.  She did not look well when she left.

Yesterday, Bill took the dogs to the military vets to get our Germany paperwork.  He said they were very impressed by how fit Zane and Arran are.  It's true, I'm not good at keeping myself svelte, but I am pretty good at keeping our hounds at their optimal weights.  I think Arran just has a very fast metabolism, but I did see an old photo of him when he was almost fat.  I recently started giving him more food because he was a little too thin.  He's gained a couple of pounds and looks better now.  Zane is looking great.  He's very finicky for a beagle, though.  In fact, though he's been guarding it from Arran, there's a bowl of food on the floor waiting for when Zane is ready to eat it.

I hate sitting in hotels with dogs.  It's hard to keep them quiet when they react to noises or want to play.  It'll be somewhat worse in Germany, although they are pretty nice about letting you take them in public.  Fortunately, the dogs we have now aren't as troublesome as the ones we had last time we moved to Germany.  They are friendlier and not as noisy.

I still have too much stuff.  Both the bag I want to check and my carry on are stuffed with stuff.  I need to get rid of some of it before Saturday.  This really has been the month from hell.  I hope it doesn't continue into August.


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