Friday, July 25, 2014

Eight days to go...

Recently, I installed a new app on my iPhone called Time Hop.  It shows you what your Facebook statuses were for the past five years.  Last year on July 24th, 2013, I posted "It's time to start packing."  In other words, one year ago, I was doing the same damn thing I did yesterday.  This year, we won't be doing a multi-state road trip.  Instead, we'll be doing a multi-country air trip... and I'm praying that our airplane neither gets shot down by a missile nor disappears from the sky.

So far, today is shaping up to be less busy than yesterday was.  We don't have any movers coming and so far, no showings are scheduled.  I won't be surprised if someone asks for a showing at some point today, but since there aren't movers here, I guess it won't bother me that much-- especially since I don't plan to be here at all on July 31st.  Bill will come here and deal with the carpet cleaning guy while I babysit the dogs in whatever La Quinta we end up in.

I actually pulled off a pretty cool trick yesterday and it's housewife related, so I'll share it here with you.  A few months ago, Bill was sitting in the room that served as my office.  He was drinking red wine and had set it on a small table positioned under a lamp near the wall.  Bill is chronically exhausted in the evenings, so he really shouldn't be trusted with any liquids...  but sure enough, he started to drop off to sleep and knocked the wine over on the wall.  Naturally, the wine stained the wall and the carpet.

Wine Away was pretty good for getting rid of the red wine stains on the carpet, but I didn't have anything for the stained wall.  I found a trick involving mixing hydrogen peroxide and dishwasher detergent, which I used.  It took most of the stain away so it wasn't that noticeable.  Yesterday, when most of the stuff was removed from my office, I noticed that the stain was visible, so I tried the hydrogen peroxide and dishwasher detergent trick again.  Sure enough, it worked like magic.  I don't know if the stain will reappear at a later date or not.  At this point, I don't care... as long as it's not there when we hand the keys over to the property managers.

The carpets in this house are disgusting.  Part of it's from our filth, but they were filthy when we moved in.  I was totally grossed out yesterday when I vacuumed the master bedroom.  Way too much dog hair going on in there.  Next house needs to have no carpet.  Shouldn't be a problem in Germany.

Guess I'll cut the grass today.  Need to burn off gas in the lawnmower.  Also need to burn the gas in  my car so we can send the cars.  Shit is really getting real now.  

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