Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just saw this by the lock on our garage where the key is kept for the real estate fuckers…

Looking closely, it appears that someone tried to get to the key and cut themselves trying.  That makes me feel very safe.

We were supposed to have another showing today, but a half an hour before the appointment, they cancelled…

This shit is getting VERY old.


  1. This is obviously not one of my areas of expertise, but there needs to be a different system in place. I have no clue what it could be, but something needs to be different. You're not safe.

    1. We called the police and they recommended moving the lock box, which we did after the property managers gave us the code.

      The good thing is that the dead bolt is always in place. We leave it undone only when a showing is scheduled. The lock box only has one key that unlocks the weaker lock, not the dead bolt. So even if they got the key, chances are good they wouldn't be able to break in without kicking the door in. And we're here most of the time with our dogs.

  2. Nice that someone thinks it's funny that some shithead tried to break into our home. Maybe it's funny that the shithead apparently cut themselves in the process. I hope they cut the part of the their body that allows them to reproduce. I hate thieves…


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