Monday, April 7, 2014

Today has gotten off to a shitty start… literally.

This morning, my dog Zane was being finicky about eating breakfast.  He is unusually picky about eating, especially for a beagle.  A lot of times in the mornings, he's not ready to eat right when we get up.  So Arran eats when he first gets up and we give Zane his food when he asks for it.  Usually, when he's ready for his food, I'll hear him whining.  I go to the kitchen and he'll be sitting there, looking at the bowl of food.  It always amazes me how dogs manage to communicate with us.

Anyway, I put the food down this morning, but Zane wasn't ready.  Both dogs went outside and I followed them, forgetting to put the food out of reach.  I also left the door open.  I was picking up dog shit when Arran sneaked back into the kitchen, where he proceeded to help himself to Zane's breakfast.  Zane noticed and tore back into the house.  He barked angrily at Arran and a brief fight ensued, which sent dog food scattering all over the kitchen floor.

I ran back to the kitchen and managed to step in a pile of ripe dog shit, which I then tracked into the kitchen.  Thankfully, I was wearing my Keen sandals (the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn), but I didn't notice the were soiled until the damage was already done.  Then when I took them off so I could rinse them off, I didn't realize there was dog crap on the doormat…  so my foot got poop on it, too.

Hopefully, things will get better before the day is over.

Good thing these two are so cute.

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