Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's April Fool's Day!

But I never get into the spirit of April Fool's, so you can relax.  This is a practical joke/April Fool's prank free zone.

So I was wrong about Bill's career fair being a place for him to just get his feet wet.  It seems that the cyber security course he's been taking may pay off in the form of employment.  Apparently, he spoke to representatives from several different companies and most of them raised their eyebrows when he mentioned cyber security.

One company in particular is rather prestigious.  I first heard of them when I was a regular viewer of beauty pageants.  They were the firm who helped tabulate the results.  Apparently, they have gone beyond the wonderful world of accounting and expanded into other areas.  They expressed an interest in Bill before he went to the career fair, so he approached them first and had a chat with a recruiter, who forwarded his resume to another recruiter.  A phone interview is the next step.  We were both surprised by how fast this company moved.

To be honest, I worry a little about the quality of life we might have if Bill ends up with this company, but I probably read too many reviews and should just STFU.  I'm happy that employers seem interested, even if it does appear that San Antonio won't be our permanent home… at least not at this point in our lives.  One nice thing about this particular company is that it's very global and there is a good chance we could end up overseas again, which would be a trip!

Bill also talked with recruiters from a certain well known online retailer, a very large military friendly insurance company, a couple of consulting firms, and a couple of very large computer companies.  He has another job fair to attend next month-- May, that is.

Bill and I visited his mother on Sunday because she was having issues with her WiFi and a printer that wasn't working properly.  I love Bill's mom.  She is such a love.  We ate chips and guacamole and very hot salsa.  I can't take too much spice.  I think it's my northern European genes.  Bill likes really spicy stuff, though, and enjoyed the spicy salsa and beer.

I'm sitting here in my stretchy pants, watching a commercial about creme pies.  We need to move to another house with a big yard so I'll exercise.  Just kidding.  I could exercise at a gym or something, though I do get a weird sense of satisfaction when I accomplish something specific while expending energy.  For me, it's more satisfying to see that the yard is neatly mowed after I sweat and exert myself than getting the same result from a Stairmaster.

Anyway, if I had any interest in cyber security, I might be looking into studying it myself.  It's looking like quite the draw to potential employers.

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