Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hmmm… perhaps the universe is trying to tell us something...

So yesterday, I decided to update my home search parameters on a real estate site I'm following.  I included Boerne, which is a cute suburb of San Antonio that Bill and I visited and loved.  We really liked the house we looked at there, but didn't rent it because the fence in the back yard wasn't complete.  The lady who had been living there said she was only moving because she had medical problems and needed to be closer to the city…

Well, this afternoon, I got an email from the real estate site and sure enough, that very same home is for sale.  Not only that, but someone working with Bill forwarded him a job listing with the government at Fort Sam.  So who knows?  Maybe we'll be staying in Texas after all.

In that same real estate email, I found another house I like, though it's not as private or as large.  It's much less expensive, though… by about $90,000.  It also has a pool, which I have discovered that I love.  If we took the bigger, more expensive house in Boerne, though, we'd have more privacy, trees, and a much bigger yard, which could mean we could get a pool installed if we wanted to.

Meanwhile, the recruiter that talked to Bill the other day congratulated him on jumping another hurdle toward employment with her big fancy firm.

I think something may be happening soon.

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