Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014… the end of an era… and a post of random bullshit

In 2014, my husband's military career is going to end.  That's after 30 years of his holding a commission.  He won't get credited for 30 years of service, but he has had a commission for that long.

In 2014, we lost, which was my favorite place to write for almost 11 years.

In 2014, we're losing, which was my favorite place to read snarky comments about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and The Duggars for years.  I initially found that site because I got such a kick out of reading about 7th Heaven by their very snarky writers.  Then I'd go into the forums and read the equally hysterical comments from other viewers.

This morning, I had a very strange dream.  I was back in my hometown, but it also sort of looked like Europe.  I had a dream I was doing some kind of work and there were two guys in there.  They looked like people I knew when I was growing up.  I was trying to be nice to them, but they made some crack about how I think I'm smarter than everyone else is.  That's definitely not true, though I probably come across that way sometimes.  It sounds like something my dad would have said to me.  He often used to accuse me of being arrogant, especially when I would express an opinion.  I think that's probably my dad's issue, though.  He doesn't like women who think.

Speaking of which, I happened to watch 19 Kids and Counting last night.  It was painful watching Michelle Duggar trying to play chess and not getting it at all.  Granted, I don't know how to play chess either, but she kept talking about how taxing it was to her brain and how she needed to go take a nap.  Instead, she and Jeremiah went and had a hot fudge sundae…  or so they said.  I would have preferred a beer.

I hate this ad.  Especially when the woman says, "You can't blame that on baby weight.  That's donuts!"  Oh shut up, lady.  

At the same time, I love this ad.  It's hysterical!

And finally, I just read about yet another horrible April event.  20 kids were wounded in a knife attack this morning at a high school in Pennsylvania.  Four have been seriously hurt.  Very few details are available right now, but I'm sure there will be yet another study in a troubled young man in the news.  The person who carried out this attack is male and his victims are all between 14 and 17 years old.

My morning has gotten off to a smashing start.


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