Friday, March 7, 2014

Yet another crown prep all done...

After my crappy morning, I went to the dentist's office and spent two hours in the chair, where the dentist proceeded to turn my molar into a nub.  She is a good dentist, even though both times when she's done crowns on me, I've come away with a lacerated tongue.  Apparently, it's good that I went in and got this procedure done, since the tooth had some decay going on under the filling.  No wonder it was annoying me.

So, I spent about $409… that was for my part of the crown procedure and the $85 MetLife didn't pay for my last flurry of dental treatment.  I can think of other things I'd like to spend $409 on… but hopefully, once the tongue laceration heals, my teeth will feel better and I can stop bitching about them.    That composite filling lasted 6.5 years.  I remember when the dentist in Virginia installed it and said she hoped it wouldn't fall apart.

I hate getting crowns.  They basically destroy the enamel of the tooth and you have to spend so much time in the chair.  I hope I won't need anything else for awhile.


  1. I hope your tongue survives and that the soreness is dissipating.

  2. Yeah, it feels better this morning. I suspect the last molar on the left side will be the next one to get crowned. I don't know when I can do it, though.