Monday, March 31, 2014

This ad...

creeps me out…

Happy that a processed "wrap" gives her energy.  It just gives me the creeps.  Somehow, I think an athlete would do better to eat something better than Hormel Rev Wraps.  And why would you bring your "Rev Wrap" to the place where you plan to swim?


  1. The product doesn't even make sense to me.

  2. Looks gross. Someone on YouTube did a video and said it was greasy.

  3. Forget the sandwich. why is someone swimming in shark infested waters to Alcatraz with not another soul in site?

    1. Excellent question… although obviously someone was there to do the filming. But if we are to believe the "story" in the ad, that chick goes to the water by herself, fuels up on a nasty pre made sandwich before jumping in, leaves her stuff there for anyone to rip off, and yes, could easily end up shark bait before she makes it to Alcatraz. It's a ridiculous ad.

    2. Apparently, she never learned the #1 rule of swimming… always use the buddy system!


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