Friday, March 14, 2014


All week, Bill has been dressing in business casual attire and getting help with his resume, interviewing skills, and financial planning.  I suppose all of this should comfort me somewhat.  I am glad the Army now helps with this huge transition that everybody ends up going through.  In my dad's day, I think time just ran out and you were on the street looking for work!

My dad worked in the DC area for a couple of years after he retired from the Air Force in 1978.  If memory serves, he sold rocks for a company called Solite.  I remember that he had foam representations of his rocks, which I inherited after he left the company after two years.  In 1980, he and my mom moved us to Gloucester, Virginia, which is where I've spent a large portion of my life trying to escape.  Since my parents have finally sold the house they bought back in 1980, I won't be living there again.  But the lady who bought the house and my dad's business did issue an invitation to come visit at some point…

Actually, I'm pretty heartened when people from Gloucester ask me when I'm going to visit again.  Gloucester is that kind of place where a lot of people know your business… or at least it was when I was growing up.  If people want to see you again, it must mean you're a relatively decent person.  A lot of people I grew up with still live there and will probably die there.  I didn't appreciate it when I was growing up, but I realize it's a pretty nice place now, even if it is very country.

Bill says that one of his resumes for a job in Germany has moved on through the process.  Apparently, a human being is looking at it.  I have hopes that he'll at least get an interview.  I'd hate for those snazzy new suits I bought him to go to waste.  I can hardly wait to see him try on the suits once the pants aren't so baggy.  He's having them tailored this week.

I kind of have a hankering to go out somewhere this weekend, even though we should probably save the money.  Bill will probably need to do more schoolwork, though.  I'm really proud of him for taking these computer security courses.  I've already seen what he's learned in action.  Even if it doesn't lead to a job, I have no doubt that education will serve him well.  And if he doesn't get a job, he can go back to school and work on another master's degree.  Maybe I'll join him.

Stay tuned.  I'll probably find something to vent about later.  

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