Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Starting the day off with sass!

One of the great things about being a blogger is that I get to write about things that interest me.  Besides the four blogs I juggle here on Google, I also write for a music blog called Pop Rock Nation.  A couple of days ago, I got the opportunity to listen to the latest album by Zucchero.  I had never heard of him, but he's been around a long time and has sold millions of albums.  Let me just say, I'm a new fan!  I encourage you to check out my post on Pop Rock Nation about his new album, La Sesion Cubana.  I included clips from his concert that was filmed in Havana, Cuba in December 2012.  It's quite sassy!

I tend to be somewhat busy on Tuesdays… for me, anyway.  Tuesdays are when I usually write one of my two weekly Pop Rock Nation posts, clean the bathroom, and do other mundane household chores.  When we lived in North Carolina, I used to feed the dogs in the mornings.  Now that Bill doesn't go to work so early, he usually does it.  He must have forgotten today, because Arran sat by the closet where the food is and refused to move.  He doesn't usually do that, even though he's a chow hound.  I gave him his breakfast, but Zane didn't want his.  Just now, he was sitting in the kitchen whining.  I went downstairs to see what his problem was, and sure enough, he was sitting there looking at the bowl of food I'd put on top of the toaster oven.  I guess he was finally ready to eat!  I am amazed by how my animals communicate with me.

Zane also likes to tell me when he wants to sit in my lap.  Arran has also picked up on the habit, which makes typing a challenge.  They have different ways of telling me, though.  Zane will whine and look at me expectantly, as if he's saying "Assume the position."  When I indicate I'm ready, he'll jump up in my lap.  Arran, by contrast, will come over and put his paws on me.  He tries to climb up, but always needs a boost.  I don't know why he doesn't just jump.  He's definitely capable of jumping, but for some reason won't do it.  I let them sit there until I need to let the blood in my legs circulate.  That's usually a few minutes.  They go away, then come back later wanting more.

They'd do this to me if I let them.

It's nice to be loved by my dogs, even if they do just want to cuddle with someone.  Zane was so funny yesterday.  Bill's mom stayed over Sunday night because she had dinner with us and Zane elected to sleep with her.  She left early in the morning and Zane was all pouty.  He whined by the door and then went to the couch, all sad because his beloved grandma went home.

I'm sure I'll find something to bitch about later.  For now, I'm just watching Dr. Phil counsel kids about spending.  As much as I think Dr. Phil can be a tool, I do think that's a valuable skill.  I wish my own parents had taught me more about managing my finances.  As it is now, we're doing fine… but in less than four months, we could be in trouble.


  1. your dogs sound delightful.

    The main thing my parents did for me in terms of financial advice was force me to bank 80% of my earnings. (Birthday and Christmas money didn't count.) Since i earned quite a lot from playing piano and organ when I was younger, i have a decent stockpile in the bank, and I wouldn't have much of it if I'd been allowed to waste it on every stupid thought for spending it that entered my mind. my parents also taught me to go over my banking statements every month so i would know if I was being ripped off by the bank. (Next month Pseudoaunt is trying a case of a manager from a small local bank who was allegedly embezzling from private citizens and small business owners for more than two years.)

    1. You are very lucky, Alexis. My parents taught me enough so that I don't do things the ex did. But it would have been good to have been taught to save,

  2. BTW... Turns out my dogs scammed me. Doh!


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