Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Morbid little habit of mine...

Maybe I shouldn't admit to this, but one thing I've done for a large portion of my life is read the obituaries.  I don't know why or when it started, but I've done it for years.

I look up people in the paper I read growing up, even though I don't know as many people living there now as I did even ten years ago.  Sometimes I see someone I know, but more often than not, an interesting name will catch my eye and I'll read the death notice of a stranger.  This morning, there was a name listed that sounded like it belonged to a young person.  It wasn't an old-fashioned name like Harriet or Mildred.  Her name was Tracy and she was just 28 years old when she died.

The obituary didn't mention why she had died, only that she was married and had a young son that she adored.  An accompanying photo showed that she was a gorgeous blonde with long, flowing locks.  The photo was taken on her wedding day and she had a beautiful, natural smile that day.  I imagined her young son having to grow up without his mother.  It made me sad.

Last night, I blew up at Bill.  I think the stress of his impending retirement is getting to me.  Anyway, I started yelling and upset him.  He's such a sweet, sensitive man and sometimes my anger about things beyond our control spills over and hurts him.  I told him I was sorry.  It's not him I'm angry at.  He gave me a hug and told me he loves me.  I am truly a very fortunate woman.  We'll get through this.



  1. You need to go to Coldstone, Steve's of Boston (if they're anywhere other than Boston), Ben and Jerry's, or Baskin Robbins and get some really good ice cream. (I like the sherbet better, but most people prefer ice cream.) It's great for stress. eat it whenever you begin to feel stressed.

    1. LOL… just what my barrel butt needs! I should probably make some ice cream. I have a maker at home.


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