Friday, March 21, 2014

Good kids...

My husband's father and stepmother have a couple of kids they ought to be very proud of.  There's Bill, of course, who is a really decent man.  And there's Bill's sister, Angela.  Angela is nineteen years younger than Bill is.  She was also adopted.

I met her a few months before Bill and I got married.  She was twenty years old.  In October 2009, right after Bill and I got home from Germany, Angela married her partner, Michele.  Bill and I were not at their ceremony, because we were just settling into our home in Georgia and waiting for our furniture to arrive.  The timing was not good.

I remember talking to Bill's devoutly Catholic stepmother, who admitted that she was crushed that her daughter turned out to be a lesbian.  She believed Angela would go to hell for being gay.  Bill's stepmother is not a bad person, but she does have some rigid beliefs and thought patterns.  

I will admit that I haven't hung out with Angela much, but she is a Facebook friend.  Last fall, Angela and Michele discovered that Michele has pancreatic cancer.  Angela is a wound care specialist and is in a good position to take care of Michele, who is dealing with chemotherapy.  Angela has also been very good to her dad, who has had some medical issues lately.

She's very involved with the gay and lesbian community where she lives and is a dedicated Wiccan.  I've seen what she posts on Facebook and it's obvious that she has a lot of friends and love in her community.

Yesterday, I saw that one of her friends had died.  I mistakenly thought it was Angela's wife who had passed away.  I don't know how Michele is doing, but I did see a couple of photos of her recently that make me think that she's struggling.  I don't know what the future holds for them.  I have heard that pancreatic cancer doesn't have a very good survival rate.

Bill and I were talking about it last night and I said that it was too bad his stepmother was so rigid in some of her beliefs.  She has a very good daughter and she's lucky.  And Bill said, "I know.  She could have ended up with daughters like mine, who just shitcan people who don't think like they do."

I hope they know how fortunate they are.


  1. i feel horrible for Bill, but as awful as they've been to him, I still wouldn't write the daughters off just yet. Eventually one of them may choose to do something of which her mother does not approve. Once one of them is on the receiving end of her vitriol, she may finally see her mother as the Cluster B poster adult that she is. I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath waiting for that time to arrive, but it may eventually happen.

    1. Yeah, I've considered that. Frankly, though, Bill saw his ex when she was the same age their kids are. Ex knew her mother was psycho. She eventually rehooked up with her when it suited her. I don't want to hate Bill's kids. I'd like to think they have a shred of decency in them. I have pointed out many times that they may turn around or their kids might want to reconnect. But I have also seen that even if they do that, they may end up trying to use Bill and his family.

      Anyway, this is less about Bill's ex kids and more about his sister and her spouse. They are very good people, which makes the ex's actions even more sad and stupid. Bill's sister is a wonderful woman. I'm sure her wife is too, though I don't know her well at all.


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